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Modern hard rock



Having made a name for themselves for their high energy live shows and adding a modern edge to their well crafted songs, Redwire are prominent in the London underground scene for hard rock.

Formed in 2014, they have since played most of the London gig circuit and branched out into other counties.

They released their debut EP in 2015 to acclaim, which has been featured in The Moshville Times, TBFM and tracks have been played on various radio stations.

They've built upon this momentum by having a consistent gigging schedule, embarking on UK tours in 2015 and 2016 and have played at prominent festivals in Hertford and organised Redrock Festival.

With lots of exciting plans in the works, Redwire are moving in huge steps and will soon be a force to be reckoned with!

  • Mario Patsalosavis

    Vocals / Rhythm Guitar

    Mario grew up living a carefree life in Cyprus. When hearing the opening chords to Green Day’s American Idiot, everything changed. He's played guitar and sung since 15 years old and loves getting the crowd pumped up and sharing his energy with them.

  • D Goomani

    Songwriter / Lead Guitar

    D Goomani was born in South East London and started learning piano from an early age. He later picked up the electric guitar and hasn't looked back since. As well as being the lead guitarist, D Goomani is also the principle songwriter of Redwire.

  • Aimee Rivers

    Bass Guitar

    Aimee was classically trained in piano from age 7, later taking up tenor horn and saxophone, but she had always been drawn to the bass guitar. Aimee has a nomadic lifestyle, living full-time on the road in the Redwire tour bus. Her favourite food is macaroni cheese and her favourite animal is a zebra.

  • Elias Da Silva


    Elias was born and raised in Portugal. At around 11 years old he got into music via his stepdad who he ended up drumming for. He's now been in England for 7 years and is happy to have found committed band members in Redwire. His influences include John Bonham, Dave Grohl and Mike Portnoy and his favourite bands are Led Zeppelin, Dream Theatre and Foo Fighters.