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Secret gig review

A great write up of the secret gig we hosted / played it a week ago by a friend of co-hosting band Immortal Machinery:

So, I just went to Stephanos's gig at a secret venue in Camden. His band Immortal Machinery kicked off and he put on the night with 2 other modern metal bands, each of whom were great in different ways.

IM are a 3-piece: bass, drums and guitar/vox and play live to a backing track. In this case nothing wrong with that because Stephanos plays lead and rhythm guitar and sings and fronts the band well, making funny comments throughout. But his first instrument is violin, which he plays brilliantly, and this he puts on a backing track the band plays to. But also I think there must also be some guitar or rhythm on the backing track to guide the drummer, but in any case, drumming to any backing track is incredibly difficult, and their drummer did it absolutely flawlessly. Each member of the band was brilliant, the bassist interweaving melodies with the lead guitar.

On next were Redwire, and I recognised a couple of those guys from Dublin Castle open-mic house band. Unfortunately the mics weren't working and there seemed to be no engineer so i was happy to be able to step in and plug in a few leads and get the band briefly mixed and sounding good to go. They played really well. I especially liked their 'ballad' which wasn't slow it was a great song.

Headlining were Bostock, from Spain, and their brand of nu metal seemed to set the young crowd on fire. For me, they played very well but everything was coming out through the PA, and so used digital preamp, and the slightly rough sound of going through individual amplifiers, which I like, was lost. It sounded like a CD, which I can listen to at home. What I want from Live is to hear Amps and a good live mix. They were also wearing flouncey white shirts! But they played and sung well.